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Brand New Heavy

I thought I’d be recovered from the premiere party and the buildup to it. Guess I need another week or so. I put in my time from 2009 to create the new album. After a series of fits and starts, sojourns and side projects–I resumed in earnest back in August of 2013. You’ve all seen the photo …

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Love Coloured Sun [EXCERPT II]

“Maybe after this,” I say, and nod to my beer. “Such a doll,” she says with a wink. This is the girl who, on our third date, excused herself to the ladies’ room and vanished for twenty minutes.  I found her in a bathroom stall, sniffling and powdered with some fashion guy named Kieran’s arm …

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Tuesdays Are Bad For Me [EXCERPT]

“She’s your sister.  She ought to be in school, not flitting around from deadbeat to drunken deadbeat.  She never even talks about her writing anymore.  She’s falling.” I check the fridge.  No fresh garlic.  I’ll have to use the powdered stuff.  And sure, it’ll work, but somewhere inside, a little part of me dies forever. …

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not John Henry

me against the machinei'm winningand won't enjoy a victory lapafterward i'm not winningand can't even loseunable to quit knowing triumph will mean oblivion and with nothing to provei prove nothingeach time i pass byi slowly fade awaybut i thought ...

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