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Brand New Heavy

I thought I’d be recovered from the premiere party and the buildup to it. Guess I need another week or so. I put in my time from 2009 to create the new album. After a series of fits and starts, sojourns and side projects–I resumed in earnest back in August of 2013. You’ve all seen the photo …

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Love Coloured Sun [EXCERPT II]

“Maybe after this,” I say, and nod to my beer. “Such a doll,” she says with a wink. This is the girl who, on our third date, excused herself to the ladies’ room and vanished for twenty minutes.  I found her in a bathroom stall, sniffling and powdered with some fashion guy named Kieran’s arm …

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Tuesdays Are Bad For Me [EXCERPT]

“She’s your sister.  She ought to be in school, not flitting around from deadbeat to drunken deadbeat.  She never even talks about her writing anymore.  She’s falling.” I check the fridge.  No fresh garlic.  I’ll have to use the powdered stuff.  And sure, it’ll work, but somewhere inside, a little part of me dies forever. …

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Love Coloured Sun [EXCERPT]

This is first thing Wednesday morning, although the sun won’t be up for hours. Most people right now are in bed and dreaming.  Falling.  Barefoot.  They say dreams where your teeth fall out betray worry.  I don’t sleep nights, anymore. Somebody’s elbow slaps mine, and some of my Heineken splashes out onto my sneaker.  It …

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I Woke With an Ache

All he saw is an albatross The compass told him lies And the drip Drip Drip Of ended ocean The moon all bloated Has his dinner in a can The tuna smart to him by now He hummed a summer song One note just short And sailed Right off the globe Forgetting, of course His …

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