Official music video for the third single from the production duo Moonset Juice™ (Italy/Brooklyn) |Directed by Riccardo Brex (StormBringerProduction) featuring Camille Brulais|Track produced and arranged by Yah Supreme (Y. Jeffries-El)|Analog bass and guitar played by Michele Manzo| Outro synth solo by Colin Brown| Mixed and mastered by Tiger-vs.-Cobra|Video Post-Production by Fabio Bucci. ©2012.

Yah Supreme & Brohemian on tour in Europe featuring Tommaso Cappellato (drums), Andrea Lombardini (bass) and Kelvin Sholar (keys). Brohemian is a project originated in Brooklyn and theatrically covers the continuum of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. All original music done for the peoples’ delight, synthesizing the past, present and future of music and live entertainment.

live performance of Older & Wiser/Brozilian Interlude appears on the 2006 full-length album “post modern garden” Stay tuned for the album “naked city.” this song is the sequel to Old & Wise–(the 1998 debut single of brooklyn emcee “yah supreme”)

Yah Supreme live at the Knitting Factory (Brooklyn) featuring Madhu Siddappa (drums), Borahm Lee (keys) Alex Gale (bass) and Troy Simms (sax); camera work by Bill Milbrodt, Joanna Wyzgowska and Duke DeLuca

excerpt from Yah Supreme & Brohemian: “Post Modern Garden” shot and edited by Nuria dePalma. album available on iTunes

This video for “Old & Wise” was shot and directed by Jamil Touré back when you had to buy film to shoot film. The stills were taken by James Petrozzello, also on film. It was the first and last music video ever shot for a Son Doo Recordings, Inc. single.